Rainbowgeo Scientific Corp.

FOIF_RTS330 brochure

  • Endless drives are applied on RTS330 series, collimate target faster with two hands operation
  • A trigger key mounted on the side of the instrument, user do not lose sight of the target while measuring
  • Long reflectorless measuring distances reaches to 500m(R500) or 1000m(R1000)
  • Multiple data interface, mini-USB, RS-232C or SD card data transfer are available
  • 500m-1000m long range Buletooth cable-free connection offers solution of semi-automatic data collection (optional)
  • On board software and application programs simplify and speed up work in the field


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FOIF TS650 brochure

  • Power long reflectorless measuring distance 300m(R300)-500m(R500)
  • Blutooth cable-free connection (Factory optional)
  • 128m internal memory, 120000 points and 40 jobs can be saved
  • Can be operated with a data collector, FOIF FieldGenius, or other third party software is available
  • IP66 environmental protection
  • Alphanumeric keyboard


Download FOIF_TS650 brochure

SOKKIA CX Brochure

  • LongLink™ data communications*
  • Advanced angle measurement systems
  • Super-long battery life
  • Waterproof, rugged, and operator friendly


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