Rainbowgeo Scientific Corp.

ATLAS GNSS Global Correction Service

AtlasLink is a versatile smart antenna with a number of first-class features:

  • Utilizes Hemisphere's Athena GNSS engine
  • Atlas support over L-Band corrections
  • Powerful Atlas web UI accessed via WiFi
  • Internal memory for data logging, download, and upload
  • Environment-proven enclosure for the most aggressive user scenarios

Industry-Leading Capabilities

  • Position Accuracy: Atlas provide competitive positioning accuracies down to 2cm RMS in certain applications, often exceeding competitive systems' capabilities
  • Position Sustainability: Cutting-edge position quantity maintenance in the absence of correction signals, using Hemisphere's Tracer Technology
  • Convergence Time: Industry-leading convergence times of 10-40 minutes

HemisphereGNSS S320 Brochure

Hemisphere GPS has been designing and manufacturing GNSS technology rugged and reliable products for a wide range of indrusties from agriculture to construction and marine navigation to surveying. Hemisphere GPS' S320 survey receiver provides the quality one can expert from a trusted and experienced manufacturer. So whether you are doing GIS, mapping, land surveying or construction, S320 can be tailored to meet your needs.


Download HemisphereGNSS_S320_Brochure1

Hemisphere GNSS S320 Brochure

The Complete Package
Hemisphere GNSS supplies surveyors with the complete survey solution. Our survey kit comes with:

  • 2 x S320 Receivers
  • 1 x XF2 Data Collector (with Pole Bracket)
  • 1 x Carlson SurvCE Field Survey Software License
  • 4 x Batteries + 2 x Battery Chargers
  • 1 x Durable Carrying Case
  • Radio Antennas + Communication and Power Cables


Download HemisphereGNSS_S320_Brochure2