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R-CAM Accessories

Accessories available for the R-Cam 1000 and R-Cam 1300 portable systems.


Download LAVAL R-cam1000XS Accessories

LAVAL R-cam 1000XS Brochure1


New construction Inspection
Display the Quality of Work and Offer Customer Assurance

Periodic Inspection
Determine Existing Well Conditions and Perform Preventative Maintenance

After Service Inspection
Verify Cleaning, Repairs, Track Well Conditions, and Compliance

Pre-Purchase Inspection
Establish Well Conditions at Transfer of Ownership

Ground Water Monitoring
Determine Quality, Mineral Conditions, Geological Strata, etc.

Recover Lost Tools
Locate and Retrieve Lost Tools


Download LAVAL R-cam 1000XS Brochure1

LAVAL R-cam 1000XS Brochure2

The R-Cam 1000 XS is a portable dual-view, borehole camera system with automated control for either downhole or side-view video profile. Side-view lens includes 360 degree rotation to the right and left with no external moving parts. This camera has effective survey capabilities for 3-inch to 12-inch (7.62-cm to 30.5-cm) well diameters. The R-Cam 1000 well camera system comes equipped with a protective case provided for storage, lighting system, camera, control unit, cable, video monitor, centering bands, DVR, power supply and transport cart for easy maneuvering.


Download LAVAL R-cam1000XS Brochure2