Rainbowgeo Scientific Corp.

Company Profile

0Imbued with the desire to service the requirements of surveyors, architects, civil engineers, GIS technical consultants and other technical men by providing them with high precision quality instruments at lowest price possible and putting to better use these experiences gained (local and abroad) in the past many years, Rainbow Commercial Center was founded in early 1985 and registered with the Bureau of Domestic Trade in May of the same year.

In its initial stages, Rainbow Commercial was envisioned to be a single proprietorship although it is open now with the umbrella of corporate structure as financing is taken not only from other investor. It is now named Rainbowgeo Scientific Corporation to reflect the line of products being sold. Rainbowgeo, currently is a direct importer of all Hemisphere GNSS equipments/SenseFly Professional Mapping Drone/Nikon/Sokkia / FOIF/ Surveying Instruments, material testing equipment and a stocking distributor of hydrological instruments, RITEC Test & Laboratory Instrument and recently LAVAL Underground Surveys Instruments, LaserTech LTi products and Intercomp Truck Axle Weigher Scale. All these pieces of equipment are now stored and on display at the firm’s premises at the following addresses: G/F, Rainbowgeo building, 1624 Piy Margal corner Don Quijote Sts., Sampaloc, Manila, about 175 feet from the University of Santo Tomas and 200 feet from Ramon Magsaysay High School in España, Manila and 198 Dahlia Street, Alido Heights, Malolos, Bulacan.

Rainbowgeo has seen tremendous growth and activity till present and has within this short time established validity in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Land Surveying, Global Positioning System and Professional Mapping Drone.                     

All our offered equipment is warranted against inherent defective parts or workmanship except for parts that are consumable and subject to wear and tear for period of one (1) year. Customer’s satisfaction has always been the company’s goal. 

List Of Tools, Equipment And Machinaries Owned

A complete Service Department for RAINBOWGEO SCIENTIFIC CORPORATION is in store acquiring small precision tools over the past few months and importing replacement parts to readily service any precision instruments needing repair. As the repairs of precision instruments require not only expert technicians but also modern instrumentation as well, a plan is a foot to purchase tooling machines to extend the best possible service to the company’s quality machines. When the present economy improves in the months ahead RAINBOWGEO will send abroad its technicians to undergo specialized training.

To date the company has acquired the following precision tools, to wit:

  1. Lathe Machines - 1 unit
  2. Milling Machine - 1 unit
  3. Multi-Testers - 5 units
  4. Capacitance Tester - 1 unit
  5. Integrated (IC) Circuit Tester - 1 unit
  6. Dual Trace Oscilloscope     - 1 unit
  7. 30VDC Regulated Power Supply - 1 unit
  8. Logic Line Tester - 1 unit
  9. Drill Press - 1 unit
  10. Optical Collimator - 1 unit

Products Sold

A. Surveying Instruments

OHMEX/ HONDEX / JMC / Furuno/ Garmin / Hemisphere Global Positioning System (GPS), Total Stations, Electronic Distance Meters (EDMs), Electronic and Optical Digital Theodolite, Theodolite Type Transits and Engineer’s Transits, Forestry Transits/Surveyor’s Compass, Lasertech Rangefinders, Ohmex Depth/Echo Sounder, Fish finders, Automatic, Dumpy and Wye / Tilting Levels, Laser Levels, Topographic/Square/Locke/Topographic/Abney Hand Levels, Striding Levels, Staff head and Navigation Compasses, Brunton/Suunto Compasses, Lensatic Compass, Suunto Clinometers, HAGA/American Paulin Altimeters and Marine Sextants. Steel and Fiberglass Tapes, and Surveying Accessories like Tripod, Tribrach, Prisms, Range Pole, Rods, Marking Pins and Field Notebooks.

B. Engineering Equipment (General)

Planimeters, Panthographs, Sling Psychrometers, Water Level Indicators/Recorders, Lettering Sets, Drafting Machines, Three Arm Protractors, Plotters, Curvimeters/Map Measurer, Hand Lenses/Magnifiers, Mirror/Pocket Stereoscopes, Microscopes, Binoculars/Telescopes, Rangefinders, Drafting Films, Tracing and Cross Section Papers, Waterproof Field Books, Waterproof Ball pens, Wood/Metal Calipers, Increment Borers, Soil Augers, Leaf Area Meters, and Grains Moisture Testers.   

C. Field Equipment

Measuring (Steel, Fiberglass and Flagging) Tapes, Tensiometers, Plankton Nets, Hand Picks, Geological Hammers, Tipping Bucket Type Recording Rain gauge, Leveling/Stadia Rods, Range poles, Walking Measures, Soil Analysis Kits, Water Current Meters, Evaporation Pans, Water Level Indicators/Records, Tachometers, Light Meters, Aneroid Barometers, Haga/Thommen Altimeters, Hygrometers/Hygrothermographs, Thermometers /Thermographs, Barographs, Casella Campbell, Stokes Sunshine Duration Recorders, Nakaasa Inclinometers, Weather Stations, Air Meters, Wood/Soil Moisture Meters, Grain Moisture Testers, Underwater Cameras, Boats, Tensiometers, Staff Gauges, Waterproof Field Books, Munsell Soil Color Charts, Estwing Rock Picks, pH and Soil Moisture Testers, Conductivity Meters, Refractometers, Secci Discs, Plankton Nets, Sediments Samplers, Oxygen/Water Quality Checkers, Pipe and Cable Locators, Metal Detectors, and Sound Level Meters.    

D. Laboratory and ELE/SOILTEST Material Testing Equipment (Asphalt, Concrete & Soil Concrete Testing)

Triple Beam and Heavy Duty Solution Balances, Limit Liquid Devices, Sand Cone Apparatus, Field Density Test Sets, Slump Cone Test Sets, Hand/Wire Sieves, Drying and Convection Ovens, Munsell Soil Color Chart, Dessicators, Concrete Compression Testers, Universal Testing Machines, Concrete Test Hammers, Triaxial Apparatus, Marshall Stability Test Sets, Los Angeles Abrasion Machines, Sieve Shakers, Cylinder Molds, Core Drilling Machine, ROTAP/Tyler/Gilson Sieve Shakers.  

E. We also accept precision surveys of any kind including Aerial Mapping by UAV and GIS.

We may not be the cheapest but we’re one of the best surveying firms. Please feel free to inquire in the event we miss to print other product lines so that we can serve you better.